Land of the Buzkashi Riders



A Collection of Photographs


Ron Dizon 1973


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Eyes of the Nomad


Boys of Gulistan

Mother & Child of Jawand, Badghis

The Wait in Jawand, Badghis

Khan of Darzak

Girl From Gulistan

Home on the Darzak Pass

Tukomen of Badghis

Mother & Child - Jawand


Lady of Darzak, Badghis

Lady of Chagcharan, Ghor

Teahouse of Deleram, Helmand

Dishwasher of Tarin Kot Hotel

Bus to Tarin Kot, Uruzgan

Restaurant View  Main Street in Tarin Kot, Uruzgan

Opium Road to Tarin Kot- Uruzgan


Arbob of Jawand

Boys of Chagcharan

Bazaar - Chagcharan, Ghor


The Thinker of Jawand, Badghis

Ralph - Koochi Fighting Dog of Darzak



Boys of Shar-i-Now - Kabul


Downtown Jawand, Badghis

Hope - Girl of the Darzak

Operation Help

Nomad Woman

Nomad Children of Gulran, Herat


Man of Jawand


Laundry Day in Jawand


Sufi Man - Jawand, Badghis

Ron and  His Friend Ralph

Wrestlers on the Darzak



Shoe Repair in Balkh



Proud Still



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